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Whether You're On Holiday, Traveling For Business Or It's Just Another Day At The office...

Welcome to Yappy Days Doggy Daycare in Rockingham

Yappy Days will be here to feed, walk, play, and of course hug your pets. The bonus for you is absolute peace of mind knowing that your furry friends are receiving plenty of love and attention while you are not with them.

We take care of your pet with all the love and vigilance they deserve. With years of experience and lots of happy clients, your pet will feel right at home with us.

We are flexible in our scheduling and very responsive with your pet. Get in touch with us now so we can meet your fur baby straight away.

We like to mix it up a bit, so our daycare activity schedule changes regularly to keep things dynamic and fresh.

As a general guide, however, your dog will experience a range of physical and mental activities during their stay, including:

  • Morning meet-and-greet with new friends

  • Ball games and other high-energy activities

  • Brain games and gentle exercise

  • Outside play under shade

  • Lots of love and cuddles

and with your permission of course, a few delicious home made treats.

Years of Experience with pets

Many happy and returning clients

Flexible scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide several activities throughout the day to keep your dog occupied including sand pits for digging, shell pools for splashing, bubbles/balls for chasing, rope toys for tugging and tunnels to play hide and seek in. If your dog is feeling tired and is ready for a nap we supply plenty of warm, comfy beds, couches and crates for snoozing.

Regular attendance (at least once a week) at Yappy Days will help your dog feel secure and relaxed. Dogs thrive on routine. Many of our clients have told us over the years that their dog seems to ‘know’ what day of the week they go to doggy daycare. They can often be found waiting at the front door ready to jump into the car and be driven to a fun filled day at Yappy Days.

No – Quite simply we do not think small and large dogs roughhousing together is a safe environment for smaller doggies – therefore we limit our places to small doggies only ( under 15 kg) 

We cater for all weather conditions. The staff ensure that our shell pools are continuously filled with ice and water in summer, and a large heated indoor area for winter

We aim to ease the transition from home to daycare by already familiarising your dog with the environment before their first day, as we offer orientations and assessments at the centre prior to your dogs first day. Just like their human counterparts dogs may take a while to warm up to in their new surroundings. They may spend most of the morning observing, this doesn’t mean they are not enjoying themselves. Other dogs will start interacting immediately with a suitable play mate. We encourage all clients to ring on their dogs first day so we can let you know how they are going. If we are concerned we will ring you as we certainly do not want any unhappy dogs at daycare!

We have a list of professional trainers we can reccommend. 

We encourage all dogs to be fed at home and after attending daycare, unless they are young or have special dietary requirements. If dogs are fed in our care we encourage they rest at least half an hour before and/or after their meal.

All dogs will receive a yummy treat at home time when they use their best doggy manners and sit calmly before leaving reception.

There is always a risk. Although a lot lower than taking your dog to a park or the dog beach. We endeavour to reduce this risk by only having sterilised dogs and having a very thorough enrolment and orientation assessment process.

We have found the best approach is simply to drop your dog off, say a cheery goodbye and leave as soon as possible for the following reasons;

* Your dog can be receiving mixed messages from you. Dogs are very intuitive and can tell if you are nervous or apprehensive (even if you think you are not) they are less likely to leave your side and interact.
* Even though we humans have the best intentions sometimes we can interfere with dog’s interactions and body language. Best to leave it to the professionals. The staff are trained at reading dog body language and know all the dogs unique personalities. They know when to intervene and when not to.

We'd love to welcome your small dog into our daycare. Click the button below to enrol now